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He created an online platform that has been ranked the #1 most shared site on Facebook. Leading publishers such as Times, The Independent or USA Today use it to make their daily features more engaging to the 1 billion unique audience members and not only. Co-founder and CEO of Playbuzz, Shaul Olmert tells us more about a new feature launched this month.

#PlayfulContent is a hashtag that Playbuzz often uses on its platform. Is this new feature, Video Snaps, a proof that playful starts to mean cutting to the chase, giving the users a few short, memorable moments?

All Playbuzz formats have an aspect of playfulness weaved in as we believe users yearn a fun, engaging and enriching experience with the content they interact with online. Video Snaps was specifically created with this in mind, which is why each separate Snap within a larger Video Snap can be shared via social channels. You know what your social circles or brand followers like best – why not cut to the chase and send them to the one portion they will benefit from most, versus asking them to watch an entire video?

Is “adding drama” through colors and sub-titles essential in creating more engagement and actually makes people spend more time analyzing the video? Because maybe you’re not interested in the full 20 minutes interview but you play and re-play those 5 seconds.

Being able to customize content is feedback we hear often from the publishers and brands we work with. The original title of a video might not be as relevant to your audience, which is why with Video Snaps, you can change the title and add a description to short clips. This creates more engagement because it empowers viewers to watch only what they want.

How long is boring now for a video shared on social media?

I’m not going to open a video if I know that I will need to scroll to a certain portion just to find what I want. If that’s the case, then it’s too long and too time consuming of a process. Who has time for that? However, if I’m told that I will get the highlights of a video that I crave by simply clicking on one video snap link, I’ll watch the whole thing. I’ll also then share it with friends who I know will appreciate it as well.

Give me a few examples of domains/topics where Snaps can really be useful for the viewer.

Video Snaps works well for interview clips, breaking news, tutorials, sports highlights, demos and more. Whereas our publishing partner The Hill uses it for politics, our brand partner Red Bull Germany taps the format for sports.

Do you think this is a tool that will help drive more engagement?

Absolutely. The format urges viewers to actively participate – whether that be clicking to play or pause a snap, or clicking to access a different snap within that one larger Video Snap. In addition, since separate snaps can be shared within one larger Video Snap, it is bound to drive more engagement to that one video and therefore increased page views for publishers.

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