Ioana Vasii, street fashion

Ioana Văsîi, manager Animaletto Pizza Bar

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Name three persons from your social circles that you most admire for their personal style. Ioana is part of my (unofficial) top of this kind. I think she is constantly one of the hippest people in town. She has a serious sense of fashion so, every time I see her, I “press” the Like button. Here Ioana chose an urban, relaxed outfit. I winked when I saw how the cables on the ground matched her shoes so I let them stick. No Photoshop needed!

1. Which is the brand you are most loyal to? 


2. Must have beauty brand.


3. Top of mind brand for sexy/hot shoes.

Azzedine Alaïa.

4. Most used mobile app.


5. A shop in town is a catchy design.


6. A Romanian designer you can’t get enough of.

Andra Andreescu.

7. A brand that you consider modern in the approach to customers.


Ioana Vasii, street style report

Ioana Vasii, street style, Nike shoes

Radley London bag

street style Papersuede

Ioana is wearing Nike shoes, Zara culottes, H&M top, Asos hoodie, Radley London bag.

Foto: Ioana Ieremia 

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