Ioana Ieremia, PR at Victoria 46

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There are people that you don’t understand from day 1. And that’s my case with Ioana. When she came at me for an interview one year ago, I didn’t get her enthusiasm even though I am not that cynical! I thought she was just mesmerized by fashion’s polish and that’s it. But I like to be wrong (sometimes) in these contexts because there is nothing more pleasant than a person who takes from life the subtle and memorable. She’s behind the camera of each street article on Papersuede but her creative styling needed to be put in front of the lens.

1. Which is the brand you are most loyal to?

2. Must have beauty brand.
Anastasia Beverly Hills.

3. Top of mind brand for sexy/hot shoes.

4. Most used mobile app.

5. A shop in town is a catchy design.
The Home.

6. A Romanian designer you can’t get enough of.
Andra Andreescu.

7. A brand that you consider modern in the approach to customers.
Stella McCartney.




Ioana wears Asos dress, Ioana Ieremia blouse, Mooncast and Topshop rings, H&M necklace.


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