Damaris Movila Fourwood Laundry

Damaris Movila, co-partner Fourwood Laundry

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Let it rain! And I’m not referring here to Damaris’ business, but to the pure British details that she surrounds herself with. We can cut her out from Serban Voda Street and place her in Covent Garden, sipping a coffee away from the drizzle. Enjoy the view!

1.What is the brand you’re most loyal to/ you’ve been shopping constantly in the past years?

Steam Coffee.

2. Must have beauty brand. 

Grown Alchemist and PRO FVMVM Roma Orangeade (Elysee shop).

3. First brand you think of for sexy/hot shoes.

Gianvito Rossi.

4. The mobile app you use the most.

Instagram and Pinterest.

5. A store with a catchy design

Intro Design.

6. A Romanian designer whose works you’d fill your closet with. 

There would be three: Adelina Ivan, Carmen Secareanu, Irina Marinescu.

7. A brand you consider modern in communicating with you/the consumers.



Damaris Movila Fourwood Bucuresti

Damaris Movila, palarie Laird Hatters

Ceas Longines, inel Tomfoolery London

Tate Modern bag

Damaris wears a Burberry coat, Zara blouse and pants, Tate Museum bag, Longines watch, Tomfoolery London ring, Laird Hatters London hat.

Foto: Ioana Ieremia 

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