Andreea Altay

Andreea Altay, managing partner High Fashion Online

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First time I saw Andreea, a few years ago, she was wearing a white silk shirt and red lipstick. Instantly I thought – what an elegant lady! But aside from the wide leg trousers, voile blouses and 12 cm heels, the managing partner of High Fashion Online (Victoria 46, Agent Provocateur, Anastasia Beverly Hills) switches from classy to cool-casual by choosing effortless Zadig&Votaire, Isabel Marant or Iro pieces. Still, I could never imagine Andreea leaving her home without her eyebrows on point, the MacBook Air and her two mobile phones.

1. Which is the brand you are most loyal to?

Agent Provocateur.

2. Must have beauty brand. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills.

3. Top of mind brand for sexy/hot shoes.


4. Most used mobile app.


5. A shop in town is a catchy design. 

Always Victoria 46.

6. A Romanian designer you can’t get enough of.

Murmur and Malvensky.

7. A brand that you consider modern in the approach to customers.


Andreea Altay street style

Andreea Altay

Andreea Altay street style

Andreea wears a Givenchy dress, Tom Binns earrings, The Glory Lab bracelet, Malvensky ring and Saint Laurent pumps.

Foto: Ioana Ieremia 

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